Does Mark teach conversational hypnosis?

Most people for some reason don’t get the message, but Mark constantly says…

“Don’t just do hypnosis… instead be hypnotic.”

He also talks constantly about exerting ‘hypnotic influence’ all throughout your life.

The two people sitting in chairs hypnosis is basically training wheels to learn the core hypnotic operators of being hypnotic.

So you learn things like

Building trust
Utilizing resources
State changes
Sensory rich language

Then to exert hypnotic influence you simply use these tools to take a person from where they are now through the state changes to where you want them to end up.

Mark calls this going from a ‘resource poor state’ to a ‘resource rich state’.

When you watch Mark teach he is doing this to the entire class…
ALL the time.

So does Mark have a specific course called “Conversational Hypnosis”?


But everything you need to be hypnotic and exert hypnotic influence every day is in the coursework.

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