Where to Login?

The original Trucor programs have been moved to TrucorHypnosisTraining.com and will be listed on the Trucor.com site because this is where people look for them.

Mark has decided to keep Trucor as the more mainstream site while Renegade Hypnotist will be the more ‘edgy’, modern topics like sexuality, erotic hypnosis, mind control, and the Renegade Lifestyle.

Please refer to these training sites as to where your programs are located.

Renegade Programs – https://renegadehypnosistraining.com/

  • Core Beliefs Of A Renegade Hypnotist
  • Against All Odds
  • Primal Masculinity In A Princess World
  • Life During Wartime
  • Essential Renegade Hypnosis
  • Quick Start Seminar
  • Primal Masculinity
  • Power of Erotic Hypnosis
  • How To Do Erotic Hypnosis At Swinger & Fetish Lifestyle Events
  • 50 Shades Effect
  • Primal Masculinity
  • Seminar Bonus Materials
  • Bootcamp Bonus Materials
  • Portable Income (by Craig Eubanks)
  • Essential Email Marketing (by Craig Eubanks)


Trucor Programs – https://trucorhypnosistraining.com/

  • Beyond Seduction
  • Foundation Series Inductions
  • Awakening Unafraid
  • Major Mark Life Mastery
  • Personal Ecology For Men
  • Hypnotic Awakenings
  • Hypnotic Awakenings Accelerator Pack
  • The New Curriculum
  • ThoughtCrimes in Taos
  • Hypnotic Conditioning For Permanent Change
  • The Original New Curriculum


The Renegade Hypnotist Project – https://therenegadeproject.com/

  • Session Videos
  • How To Hypnotize Humans
  • Mark Talks
  • Interviews
  • Bonus Materials
  • Trusted Insiders Only

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